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I Problem identifying two spectra

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    Hi everibody.

    I have been tasked with finding out the spectral tipe of two stars; for that, I have processed the spectres. You can find them in the links.



    Now, I am a little lost, I am clueless about where to look for a database where I can compare these spectres with.

    Can someone please tell me where I can find one?

    Thanks for reading.
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    pl. clear the question/frame it according to your need- if you are only interested in knowing the type/variety of the spectra then;

    what i observed in the two spectra quoted /given as attachment -

    in one the flux peaks are rising at certain wavelengths -
    those peaks must be designating the flux rising for those wavelengths- suppose some stars are emitting those wavelengths prominently - then such graphs will be observed.

    whereas in the other one reverse features are being seen - common sense tells us that at some wavelengths the flux is dipping becoming smaller ,those characteristic wavelengths can not be emitted , but must be absorbed by some intervening media.
    perhaps now you can tell what are the types(names) of these two spectra.
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    What I want to know is their position in the Hardvard classification, for example, I think the first star is a class M, because of the position of the maxim; but I don't know which is it's subtype (I, II, III...).

    For the second star I am completely lost.
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    You could have a look at this http://www3.gettysburg.edu/~marschal/clea/speclab.html it seems to be about what you are trying to do.

    You first "star" has strong emission lines which would make me look at unusual stars WR Stars, binaries etc, the second looks like a A or B star just from eye balling it.
    If you use Google images you can see lots of star spectra.

    Where these spectra corrected for instrumental response?
    Also I doubt they have high enough resolution for anything but a an approximate assignment of spectral class.

    Regards Andrew
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