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Problem in a Zooming Level Program

  1. Jun 5, 2010 #1
    Hi every one.
    I am tying to build a Zooming application that is a zoom by level type.
    i manege to create the following:

    1. [1]first i to build a zoom Meter that spited overall zoom into Levels and sub zooms for each level.
      [2]each level represent a set of divided image increasing by level and ordered by Level,column and row.
      [3]and i create procedure that shift image to zoom center by this transformation:
      Z(x1,y1)=(x1-x2,y1-y2):x1,y1 center before zoom;x2,y2:center after zoom.
      [4]then i create a procedure that combine's the image.
      [5]and procedure to calculate Subtractive of a point in other level by this transformation:
      S(x1,y1)=((x1*d2)/d1,(y1*d`2)/d`1):x1,y1 target point; d1,d2 old dimension;d`1,d`2: new dimension.
      [6]and procedure that detects the viewed parts of image in the view port(putting the result in two dimension array of Boolean [Column][Row])

    then during my analysis to the program i ran into many problems like:

    1. [1]what is the effective methods to creates fixed frame (by dimensions of the form) that represent a 'view' part of the image, that capable to pan throw the total image ,zoom from /to image plus move throw the levels, with 'aware' for border updates.

      [2]effective algorithms for transformation like(move ,zoom) for my levels;

    if you please, i need some help in this manner ,please put some hint to solve my problem.

    thank you very much for reading may request.
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