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Problem in fortran program

  1. Apr 24, 2006 #1
    hello everyone!
    I was do programming in fortran and i wanted to print my answer in the format below. I was not able to do it. I have written a part of my program also.
    greeting = 'Good Morning!'
    do 110 I = 1, 12
    write (*,115) (greeting)
    115 format (A<I>)
    110 continue
    here i want to use a variable 'I' in the format statement i tried it doing but i failed. so plz if anyone knows to use a variable in format statement tell me.
    I use gcc-3.4.6 compiler.

    output of the program
    Good M
    Good Mo
    Good Mor
    Good Morn
    Good Morni
    Good Mornin
    Good Morning

    Plz mail to me at ajeet3047@gmail.com
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