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Problem in integer declaration

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    Dear all,

    I have a problem with Fortran 90. I want to declare an integer which is enable to support till numbers such as Avogadro number (6.022*10**23). I use "Microsoft Fortran PowerStation 4.0". Can anyone can help me please?

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    I've never heard of any language that supports integer variables that high. You could probably write some routine where the digits are stored in many separate long-integer variable types.

    But a question is, why not just work in terms of moles, so that you don't need such large numbers?
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    Wikipedia can help. Look at the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bignum" [Broken] page.
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    What is the point of storing Avagadro's number as an integer? We only know the first 8 digits accurately, so you will have fifteen zeros trailing after those digits.

    Languages like java, php, C# have a biginteger class that supports such large numbers, but I don't know about Fortran. You could write your own biginteger functions which would be interesting and instructive though. :)
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    python handles large numbers natively.
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    Thank you to all,

    To Redbelly98: I have to work with molecules, since the model which I going to model is on the molecules.

    To ceptimus: I am with you. It's better not to declare it as an integer because the reason you mentioned.
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    For integers of that size, use IBM's PL/I, which caters for integers less than 10**32.
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