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Homework Help: Problem in ode with frobenius

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    i need your help...i had to solve some ode using the frobenius method but half-way through i stuck...
    for the first ode
    i didn't know what to do when i had to multiply the sinx and cosx with y,y',y"
    ii)i had a problem because of the cosx and i couldnt equate the series...--->second ode
    iii)a) the third is to be solved using frobenius, but a1 has a problem...,
    b) by using y(x)=w(x)/x, i had to find the new solution
    oh and x0=0
    the ode formulas are attached...forgive me i am not a native english speaker and it is the first time i write in this kind of forum...also please help me as much as you can...i have a deadline until tommorow...thanks again...

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    Since you are writing y as a Taylor's series, do the same with sine and cosine.
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