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Problem in sloshing 2d flow

  1. Jun 9, 2009 #1
    Dear all,
    I have problem in modelling sloshing 2d flows and validate to another paper.

    I try to make sloshing 2d flows : a rectangular tank of 2m wide 2m high filled with 50% of water (1m) is force to oscilate from left to right . the water begin to move in an oscilatory way before impacting the top wall. the tank is moved in an horizontal plane as following x(t)=A sin (omega*t),A=0.001m,
    I change many thing in average velocity,equation of state,and external force..,but still i can not validate the result with other journal like
    "pseudospectral tau-tranformation model of 2-D nonlinear waves ", by chern et all.
    -to find elevation vs time. omega = 1.1 omega0
    omega=0.999 omega0

    What kind of parameter i should take care of it ?
    how much timestep ?

    thank you very much

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