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Problem involvining Kinetic and gravitational potential energy

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    Hello. I'm in gr.11 physics, and we are currently working on Kinetic and gravitational potential energy. We have been asked to create a procedure which shows how gravitational potential energy is turned into kinetic energy(afterwards we will do calculations and such showing the relationshi). We are going to an ice rink to do this (to reduce friction i presume). So far, I have come up with a simple experiment of using a ramp, and dropping the ball down it. The ball starts at the top, having full potential energy, and when it begins to move it gains kinetic energy. However, i was wondering if anyone else could suggest some other ideas on ways i can go about showing this (I have the ramp idea, but are there any other better ways?). Help would be greatly appreciated.
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    heh, the ramp thing is practically in every textbook ive ever seen. Its pretty hard to go far from that as far as i can tell because all there really is to look at is PE and KE. The only way to show gravitational PE is to put an object in the air and the only way to show KE is to let that object move (presumably, straight down or onto a ramp to change direction)
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