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Problem needing fix

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    Hello. Whenever I get to the first log in page at Physics Forums...by default I am at the bottom of the screen. I then have to go to the right hand side of the page and use the scroll bar to climb back to the top of the page so I can log in. Why is that? Is there something I can do? I am using Windows XP. Will physics forums be able to fix such an issue or recommend a fix for me?
    Thanks for any and all responses
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    Try disabling JS and load the page again. Let me know what happens.
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    Hello. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately the computer I am using at this time I believe does not allow me to 'disable' JavaScript. In a short while I am going to get to 'another' computer and see if I can do it there..so in the future I will let you know if that does the trick.

    Sorry about this question..I might simply be able to figure it out myself... but since I'm at a computer right now..how does one go about disabling JavaScript?

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    What browser do you use?
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    Hello. Thanks for the response. I am using a 'Brampton Library' computer.

    I believe it uses a Windows XP operating system.

    A much better computer that I use is at a 'work related computer resource center'

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    No, I am asking about program that is installed on the computer and used to browse web pages. If it is on XP it is most likely Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome.
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    Internet Explorer.

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    It just happened when I tried to open "PF Movie Night". It was locked up long enough for me to note the message at the bottom of my screen: "Waiting for api.viglink.com..."

    It was maybe 45 seconds.
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    That's a tracking service Greg uses, that's something different.
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