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Problem of current monitoring in microfluidics

  1. Aug 24, 2009 #1
    I want to characterize microfluidic device with nanochannels and i choosed to use current monitoring. The nanochannel is basically linking to resevoirs (microchannels with electrodes. At one electrodes I have the voltage and on the outlet of my chip I put a resistance. By mesuring the vltage of my resistance I have directly acces to the current in my chip.
    But I have a little problem:grumpy:
    I preparde a buffer which conducitivty is 9.4e-4 S/m. Knowing that I have 9500 500µm long nanochannels in parallel I should have for 100V voltage a current of about 1e-2µA. But I mesure a current of 30µA!!! I also tried to introduce Dionized water in my nanochannel and I have the same result! So apparently something iraise the current intensity and is hiding the current I want to monitor.
    Would someone have an idea of what could explain this high current result?

    Thank you a lot!
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