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Problem on Bell States

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    This is not a homework problem, I hope im in the right forum.

    Suppose a magnetic field is applied long enough so that the spin up particles acquire a phase of Pi/2 expressed as i=squareroot(-1).
    How does each of the four bell states transform under this phase gate.
    What is exactly happening to the triplet bell state?

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    Can you explain why you need to know this? That might help people to contextualize your question, since it's otherwise a textbook problem.
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    If this is a text book problem, do you know any refrences that can help me solve this. Because I cant find any!
    This is a pre-requiste in understanding some lab expermient work.
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    I meant to say this is not due for homework, maybe that is confusing people.
    Its not a theoritical question.
    I hope im not in the wrong forum
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    Sounds like graduate work. Perhaps you should ask your advisor? That what he/she is there for.
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    I will but if anyone can help me asap that much better.
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    Figure out what the evolution operator is and use it to solve your question.
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    I think you can take the magnetic field as a quantum logic gate, which operates on the state of entangled particles and see what the results will be.
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