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Problem on forces

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    I need your help on these guys!

    1) Two objects are connected by a light string that passes over a frictionless pulley. If the incline is frictionless and m1=2.00 kg, m2=6.00kg and theta=55.0 degrees, a)find the acceleration of the objects. b)the tension in the string and c) the speed of each object at 2.00 s after being released from rest. (note: both of the objects are over a pulley, on an incline.

    2)Two blocks of mass 3.50kg and 8.00kg are connected by a massless string passing over a frictionless pulley. The inclines are frictionless. Find a) the magnitude of acceleration of each block and b)the tension in the string. (theta for each side=35 degrees)

    I would appreciate if someone could explain them to me please. Thank you!:smile:
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    " both of the objects are over a pulley, on an incline." Does that mean both objects are sitting on the same incline or is one on the incline and the other hanging? Where is the pulley in relation to the incline- and where is angle theta?
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