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Problem on Suspension of Cars

  1. Apr 21, 2006 #1

    The question is

    In practice the suspension system of cars consists of a spring under compression combined with a shock absorber.which damps the vertical oscillations of the car . Drwa sketch graphs one in each case to illustrate how the vertical height of the car above the road will vary with time as the car just passes over a hump if the shock absorber is a) functioning properly b) improper functioning....

    when a driver of mass 80kg steps into a car of mass 920 kg the vertical height of the car decreases by 2cm . If the car is driven over a series of equally spaced humps the amplitude of vibration becomes much larger for a ertain velocity.
    - Explain why this occurs and calculate the particular velocity .

    Please help me out with the above problems. I could not get anything related to it .
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