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    Can I recommend the creation of a "Problem Solving" sub-forum under math sub section? There are a lot of these at AOPS but I think we should have at least since we are supposedly a "physics and math" forum and there are a LOT of math problems that don't really fall into any other category.

    BTW, how does a sub-forum arise? Is there like a quorum of PF mentors that vote on it or is it Bernhardt's executive decision or what?
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    A bit of both. If there is a new forum that should obviously be made (i.e. there are a plethora of threads floating around that would all belong better in one new forum) then we would probably act on a suggestion, but I just don't see the need for a forum like the one you propose at present. After all, the only questions that would fall into this topic are the three you have posted.
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    Well, there are about 100 that I have posted if you look back through my history. I just think this is something that any respectable math forum should have, but let's see what others think.
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    Like cristo has mentioned, a forum will be created if there is enough demand. I don't really see enough demand for a problem solving forum. If this changes then I'm sure the senior staff will be more than willing to create another forum.
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    It's not demand so much as a need and there is no need.

    If you are referring to your homework or any homework, no, that is already handled in the Homework Help Forums.

    If it is for people that are not in school and they are not homework type problems, then there are the regular forums for discussion.
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    Why not just use AoPS? I doubt if you could find a better forum (or forum-goers) for this sort of thing.
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    One problem with AOPS is that people there systemically refuse only to give hints even if you tell them to. I don't know why thats true but its like they can't resist just solving the entire problem. Also, AOPS is mainly for high school problem solving while PF is more about college-level math. I have posted Putnam-like problems there in the past and it seems like I get just about as much help there as a I get here, perhaps even less.
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    I second this request, I also am a college student preparing for the Putnam Exam and most of the time I avoid posting problems in the: PreCalculus or Calculus; subforums simply because they get lost in all the other posts which are usually just exercises. In addition, the Putnam exam's problems and just problems in general are very different from exercises which are mostly posted in those two forums since they require some insight and craft to provide a solution or more commonly a proof.

    Besides what could it hurt creating that subforum, if people don't use it can't it just be removed?


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