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Problem solving tips for physics exams

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    help please!!

    i have a mid term physics test in abut a week, i really need some studying tips anyone can give....,problem solving tips?, shortcuts oin questions, anything that could help me would be greatly apprecited....thank you
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    Chi Meson

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    Here's a couple of possible things to do:

    memorize the formulas, make sure you know exactly what each varible stands for.

    Redo all assigned problems. It's very hard for teachers/professors to come up with something that hasn't been asked before. What we (ahem, I mean "they") often will do is put into the test a problem from the book that was not assigned as homework, so go over as many as possible. Try the heardest ones and spend a lot of time on them. Struggle. IT makes you better.

    IF this is your first semester of physics, then you probably have just done mechanics, I'm guessing. THink "Law of Conservation of energy" whenever possible.

    When solving problems, always write down the known quantities and identify the variable for the thing you want to know.

    Your text probably has some underutilized "conceptual" questions. Try to answer as many as possible.

    Make sure you know the full, proper definitons of all the key terms from the text (like "work" and "impulse" for example.)

    Study a lot but get plenty of sleep the night before.

    Wear a blue shirt, since it absorbs green light which will make you smarter.
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    Excellent advice there (not sure about the blue shirt though!). The only other point I would add is to make BRIEF notes of all the main concepts that you have covered. In doing this it helps you focus on what exactly it is that you are supposed to have learnt.

    Chi meson's first statement "Redo all assigned problems" is SUCH good advice, but one that oddly, most students won't do no matter how much you cajole them...
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    Re: help please!!

    In addition to what Chi Meson just said - If you have the time then find other editions of the text that the teacher is teachin this material and work those problems too.

    Fundamental Axiom of Learning Physics: One can never do too many physics problems!

    Of if you don't take time for things like sleep and fun then that's no good either. Don't work to hard as to put yourself into a comma!

    Balance Danielson! Balance! :-)

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    hey thx alot for the help, i really appricite it guys,
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