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Problem Solving

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    I just started taking geometry and discrete math and we're just learning 2d matrices. Here is a problem I can't figure out:

    1) My wife and I are 6 years apart in age. If you double the sum of our ages and add 50, you get the same number as when you add 25 to the sum of our ages and double it. How old am I?

    Ok so let x - be the age of him, and y be his wifes age
    We can assume that he is older then his wife so

    x - y = 6
    Then 2(x + y) + 50 = 2(x + y + 25)

    Here's is where I'm confused
    Can someone tell me the next few steps into setting up this problem.
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    matt grime

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    I would suggest checking that is exactly what the question states - there clearly isn't enough information there to solve. Ask the instructor if they've made a mistake.
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    This is how I understand it as well. But the second equation is trivial, so you do not have enough information.
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    Thanks I'll ask the teacher tomorow.
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