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Problem Solving

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    1. Slay the dragon
    A knight needs to fight a dragon with 100 heads. The knight has 4 major moves each able to cut off a number of heads: Thrust (5 heads), Slash (15 heads), Chop (17 heads), and Berserk Slash (20 heads). However, for each attack the dragon grows back heads: Thurst (24 heads), Slash (2 heads), Chop (14 heads), and Berserk Slash (17 heads). The dragon can only be killed if the knight uses an attack that cuts of exactly all its remaining heads. (i.e. if the dragon has 10 heads left, it can't be killed in one attack, but if it has 20 it can). What is the minimum number of attacks required to kill the dragon?

    2. Strangely Familiar
    You are the communications engineer reporting directly to the commander of a communications intercept RVU (Radar Viewing Unit) which scans frequencies for possible enemy information on threats and reconnaissance. You have just intercepted a transmission, but part of it is garbled due to bad weather. The intercept is:
    A ? D F ? H J ? L
    where ? represents a garbled letter. What are the garbled letters? What advice do you give to your commander?
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    1. Slay the dragon
    11: for instance 5 slashes, 5 chops, finishing it off with a berserk slash
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