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Problem to save & open

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    I can’t save any AutoCAD drawings, when i push the save button or file->save (or save as) the AutoCAD writs on the command bar and do nothing, it seems like a virus on the AutoCAD program. I have AutoCAD 2010 and win 7
    any ideas how i can delete the virus from the AutoCAD?
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    I assume that you had everything working fine and then suddenly this has started to happen.
    It's not necessarily something to do with a virus.
    It would be an unusual virus that disables a particular software product and does nothing else.
    It could be that something has gone wrong with the AutoCAD installation.
    First sensible step is to uninstall then re-install it, (make sure you have made backup copies of important data files first.)
    I think AutoCAD requires a registration key too, if so make sure you have a copy of that as well!
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    Is there any chance that this is the Free Trial version, and the trial period has expired?
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    Another possibility is that you have run out of free disk space.
    Some big packages have a requirement that a minimum amount of free space is available, even if you are going to be only reading files.
    Normally though, an error message will be shown if that's the problem.
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    Did you try to Recover or Audit the drawing?
    Insert into a new .dwg or XREF?
    See if there is a .bak file of the drawing and rename?

    Now, after I read what you told me, I changed the extension from .bak to .dwg and it worked in one out of four files so it is a good start.
    I will also try your other suggestions and post the results.
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