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Problem verification s

  1. Feb 12, 2004 #1
    I have 3 problems i would like to be reasured of the answer

    1) 1200 liters of hydrogen gas has a temp of 50 degrees Celicus. To what temp would the gas have to be lowered so that the volumn would be 600 liters.

    my answer is -111.65 degrees celicus

    2)450ml of helium gas has a temp of -14 degress celicus and a pressure of 820 mmHg. What volumne would the gas occupy if the temp. increases to 14 degrees celicus and the pressure increases to 960 mm Hg

    my answer 475 ml

    3) When a metal object having a mass of 300 mrams and a temp of 110 degrees celicus is placed in a well insulated container that holds 90 grams of water at 15 degrees C, the temp of the water raises to 60 degrees C. wants to calculate the specific heat capacity of the metal . And assuming that no heat is loss to the calorimeter

    my answer is .27 cal/g degrees celicus

    I just want to double check before my test tueday

    thanks joe
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    Doc Al

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    Your answers for #1 and #3 look fine; recheck your work for #2.
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