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Problem with audacity

  1. Jun 10, 2006 #1
    I've been using audacity for quite a time, and it's never happened to me before. I tried to save a song as .mp3 and it asks me for a Lame library (It never asked me for one before, 'til now. Anyway, I downloaded the Lame library, try to save a song as mp3, and it returns, in .mp3 -> no sound and song whatsoever, but just some whooshes and the like. Any ideas?
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  3. Jun 13, 2006 #2
    When you first export an mp3, you have to show Audacity the location of the lame encoding .dll (which you downed via the Audacity site at sourceforce, I take it). If you did that, I don't know, you can check whether you have the most recent version. Be advised that I have had degradation when I modified tempo, pitch or key in Audacity 1.2.3; can't tell why, haven't tried it with the most recent version, but it recently exported a wav to mp3 flawlessly (as far as I could hear).
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