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Problem with Borland 5.

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    Hello, I made a program that does calculations on fractions. It's finally finished with all of the validations and things. All of the lines of code finally compiles with no errors. I can run the exe on my cpu, but when I give it to others that do not have Borland installed they can't run it. A message pops up saying that "VCL50.BPL" can't be found. So I copied that file and pasted it in the same folder as my exe. Then, I ran it and an error message popped up saying that a certain .DLL file can't be found. So I copied the "VCL50.BPL" file and my exe file out of my borland directory and pasted them in the bin folder from my borland directory where all of the .DLL files are located. My exe can now run on other cpu's because it's inside the same folder as all of these different files. My question is, what do I need to include in my source code so that all of the necessary files can be compiled within my executable so that I don't have to zip up a big folder just to run one file? So far this is the only way my program can run on other computers. Thanks In Advance!!!
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    Without being familiar with Borland 5, it sure sounds like you need to set static linkage instead of dynamic. External libraries are now being dynamically loaded when your program runs instead of being included in the program. Search for an option (check in your help file) to link statically, or to turn off dynamic linkage, or words to that effect. Your .exe file will be larger but self-sufficient.
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    Thank you for your reply. After using your advice I found that this is one of the many downfalls when using Borland. I've read that I need to uncheck the "Build with Runtime-Packages" option in Borland. I tried this but it still needed those 2 .DLL files. It didn't ask me for the .BPL file though. I'm just gonna stick with Microsoft Studios.
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