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Problem with Exercise and Sweat

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    Hey there. I've been having this problem and hoping someone has had some experience dealing with this. Everytime I exercise, instead of perspiration coming from my head, I get an itch with a little flakiness instead. My head doesn't seem to sweat anymore. The same itch comes when I go into unusually dry and warm rooms like a computer lab or an old building with little ventilation. Any idea what could be wrong? I fear going to the doctor because I really don't want to end up taking meds but if I have to I will.
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    well from a quick search online seems that itching would be fairly common if you're not sweating properly. there's loads of warnings about not sweating enough though, and a sickness called anhidrosis that maybe you should google and see if you might have that. Probably the best bet for now is to drink a lot of water because dehydration makes your skin not happy.
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