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Problem with killing vectors

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    Here is a piece http://www.photodump.com/direct/Bbking22/departurefromgeodesity.jpg [Broken] from "The large scale structure of spacetime" and there is noway for me to reproduce the relation for departure from geodesity and the previous relation :cry: . Is there any idea about the right process for the calculations. Thanks for your time!
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    Did you use the fact that V is a unit vector?
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    George Jones

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    Since [itex]K[/itex] is a Killing vector, it satisfies the antisymmetry property [itex]K_{a;b}=-K_{b;a}[/itex]. From [itex]f^{2}=-K^{c}K_{c}[/itex] and antisymmetry,


    From [itex]V^{a}=f^{-1}K^{a}[/itex],

    V^{a}{}_{;b}V^{b} & =-f^{-3}f_{;b}K^{a}K^{b}+f^{-2}K^{a}{}_{;b}K^{b}\\
    & =-f^{-4}K_{b;c}K^{b}K^{c}K^{a}+f^{-2}K_{c;b}K^{b}g^{ca}.

    The first term on the left vanishes because of the combination of antisymmetry and symmetry in [itex]K_{b;c}K^{b}K^{c}[/itex]. The second term on the left, when used with the [itex]ff_{;b}[/itex] equation, gives the desired result.

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    Thank you guys for your time . George thank you very much for the help and the nice derivation of the relation! Here is my answear for the previous relation http://www.photodump.com/direct/Bbking22/hyperrelation.jpg [Broken] . I would like you to check it out and tell me if you agree.
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    Can someone give some further help about the http://www.photodump.com/direct/Bbking22/hyperrelation.jpg [Broken], and tell me if that is the right way for the http://www.photodump.com/direct/Bbking22/departurefromgeodesity.jpg [Broken]
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