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Problem with learning

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    Hey all

    I've some to msg here to ask for some general advice. Over the past couple of months, I have been pretty obsessed with trying to work on my own, trying to stop getting any help from my mum (shes a respectable math teacher) and any else. Even now as i write this, i feel a inward pain in the fact that i can't handle this problem myself.

    The problem first came (at least from what i remember) when talking about tuitions, and how most of the people in my study classes are just getting paid tuition for their exams, without little or no knowledge. I was ( i think) deeply affected by this, and thinking it true, was ashamed of myself claiming to know anything.

    Ever since, I have put a 'oath' to myself to never get help from anyone for anything, and to handle myself. This has caused me considerable distress over my incapability to solve certain questions in the subjects i study (if any), and considerable headaches and stomaches are coming and going. (although, it is questionable whether this IS the cause of those)

    As i am writing this msg now, it is apparent that the 'oath' is set aside. I ask of help, to convince me subconciously how knowledge is obtained, because even if people convince me, it is mostly the case that 5 mins later i get stressed and change my mind again.

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    part of learning is also developing your own charater. You can t learn if you have too much pride.
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    Everyone needs others to learn. Trying to do everything by yourself is a major handicap.
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    There is nothing wrong with asking for help to finding the methodology, equation, or formula to solve a problem. Having someone completely solve the problem for you is quite a differen't matter.

    Because you are their child and they love you, parents can at times can be a bit too helpful.:smile: On the other hand there is nothing wrong in asking for guidance in solving a problem.

    I admire your resolve, but I am not sure that the oath idea is a good thing. It only puts more pressure on you to reach a goal by yourself, and inevitably there will be times, because it happens to everyone, when you will not be able to reach that goal. That is when the headaches begin. I used to call them algebra headaches.:smile: It is all a part of learning.

    Make your life easier and don't try to be a perfectionist, just strive to do your best. You are apparently a very intelligent young person or you would not have posted your delima here on this forum. Cheers.:smile:
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    Ahh... the old pride query :rolleyes:

    Having "too" much/little is already "not good" by definition of the adverb, "too"
    But as for pride, a lot of pride can be very good, depending on the type of pride:

    *For example, let's say you were working on a project, but the instructor gave you a "D" or "F". If you have a "lot of pride", then:

    1) Type #1 pride: "Who the **** does he/she think he/she is ? My project is excellent! I'm excellent! I can do whatever the **** I want! They discriminating against me! I'll sue them!"

    2) Type #2 pride: "Wow, I've worked so hard on this project! I'm won't fail myself! I'll work twice as hard, double my research, and give the best ****-ing project/presentation I can! I shall excel!"

    3) Type #3 pride: "Oh no. A 'D' or 'F'! I'm a horrible person, looks like I'll amount to nothing!" (too prideful of "not having pride")
    So you see, Mr. Kant, having a lot of pride can be either helpful, demeaning, useless, etc. :devil:

    It really depends on what KIND of "pride" one might have.

    Meh.. from a personal perspective it seems we all have some sort of ""balance"" :rolleyes: (or whatever you might call it) between the three types.

    Maybe some more types...maybe ten..twenty...ninety....well, you
    --->There are many kinds of pride....the list goes on and on......(yes it does....)

    Some good, some bad, some either way....etc. Whichever way you decide.

    However, I'm sure this was not what you mean to say. The adverb "too" already implies that something is "not good" :smile:

    But a lot of it in the right TYPE (of pride, that is) can help more than you can imagine.
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    I have a tendancy myself to try to do as much as I posibly can on my own without any help from anyone. I find that I am much more satisfied afterward but it may sometimes take me much longer than it would have had I asked for help.

    I think that you should just try to do as much as you can on your own but if you are stumped on something you shouldn't feel bad about asking for help.

    Do you think it is possible that you may have some sort of learning disability? Perhaps you just aren't equiped to learn in the same fashion that others are? Perhaps you can get help, not just with your school work, but with figuring out what would help you learn more easily.
    If so don't feel badly about it. I'm dyslexic myself. I don't feel that it reflects badly on my intelligence. I just think of and perceive things in a somewhat differant manner than most people.
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    definately a daft idea..everyone needs others to learn its not like ur learning it for ur self any way ur reading out of a book. U TRY UR BEST AND LEARN FOR UR SELF AND WEN UR STUK U ASK FOR HELP.
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