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Problem with my Treadmill

  1. Aug 28, 2012 #1
    I am a person in India . I bought a Treadmill from an Indian Company called “Pro Bodyline Fitness” about 5-6 years ago . In India , the Voltage fluctuates from 215 to 245 Volts & my Treadmill’s Manual says it takes in 200 Volts +/- 10 % . I Hardly used my Treadmill regularly till a few months back . About a month back , the belt moved over more to one side & I kept using the Treadmill in this condition . As a result the Belt wore & I got it replaced from a technician . He did not use any lubricant while replacing the belt . However ,after getting the belt replaced ,my treadmill has started acting strangely . When I press the start button on the Console , sometimes it starts at the proper speed but at other times , it starts at full speed & then stops after a few seconds. When it starts at Full Speed the Error Condition shown on the Console is “ER03” . I have been supplied with a Xeroxed short version of the User Manual . (Only a few pages thick) . I looked up this in the Manual & it says this Error means “Speed Error Too Much” . Further, as for the treatment of the Error , it says “Self-Testing or connecting Professional Service Station” . A few days back when I started it , it started just right but after 10-15 minutes , it suddenly stopped . And a few seconds after that , it restarted at the same speed that I had set it to .

    I called up the same technician but he couldn’t really diagnize the problem & said to simply pull off the safety plug & then plug it back in when this happens . However , doing this doesn’t really solve the problem .

    Any guesses as to what the problem could be & how to go about diagnosing it ? Could one part that has become damaged , damage other parts in a Treadmill (Like the human body wherein sometimes one organ failure causes multiple organ failure) ? Which part or parts , if in a damaged state , can damage other parts in a treadmill ?
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