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Problem with PF settings?

  1. Jan 22, 2008 #1
    Hey, recently I went into the User CP to change my settings so that PF would stop sending me messages every freaking time someone answered a thread I'd posted in. Anyways, thats the only one I changed, but now for the past week or so, PF doesn't remember me even though I press "remember". It used to but now wtf? Thanks
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Check and see that you are allowing cookies in your internet browser settings.
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    I had it set to allow them. I cleared them all and re-logged in and told it to remember, somehow I doubt it'll fix it though.

    Edit: Nope it didn't. Piece of trash. When this comp dies I am going to literally beat it until there is nothing left (after removing environmentally unfriendly parts)
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    There shouldn't be any connection between receiving email notifications of new replies and the log-in screen. Many of us have turned off email notifications (my email inbox would be permanently clogged if I allowed those), and the "remember me" feature works fine.

    If your browser is set to allow cookies, do you have any other software installed that automatically cleans the cookies after leaving a site? Do you only get logged out when you leave the site, or does it log you out/time out during a single session?
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    I dunno, I'll do more in-depth tinkering later.
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    I figured it out....I'm pretty sure at least. I've been using this program called AdsOff (its really great to have) and I found a tab that showed "Blocked cookies" and pf was on that list so I removed it. Anyways, if you ever find banner ads annoying, google this program. Its free and works great. Thanks for your help anyways.
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