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Problem with pressure drop in pipeline

  1. Sep 11, 2012 #1
    Hi Folks;

    As we all knew, and I used to experimentally observe it, as the temperature of water increases, pressure drop through pipeline (kPa/m) decreases. Now, I am getting the opposite, while the results are so consistent and reproducible !!! As the water temperature increases, pressure drop increases too !!! I have calibrated the pressure transducers, and those look fine. Any guess ? Has anybody seen such a situation ?

    Also, as we all knew again, with decreasing velocity, friction factor increases (remember Moody diagram). Now for my case, I am getting decreasing trend for temperature range of 20 to 30, while the trend is increasing for above 30 !!!

    I am running water in a 2" closed-loop pipeline of 46 m length, with a magnetic flow meter and digital pressure transducers.

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