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Problem with Q calculations

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    For a series LC circuit the Q I believe is Q= 1/R^(L/C). I have a 1.923 Henry inductor and a 4.4uF cap. The resistance in the inductor is 52.5 ohms. The answer I got was 111.86.
    I know the circuit can't have a Q of that value. Where did I go wrong?
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    This looks like homework, so I'll just describe the process.

    The frequency wasn't given, so I guess you mean at resonance.

    The circuit resonates at ...... Hz.

    The reactance of the coil and capacitor at resonant frequency is ...... ohms.

    Q= XL / R

    I get a Q of about 12.6.
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    I thought it might be homework as well, but I'm not sure. Idea, could you please post your math so we can check it? Thanks.
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