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Problem with ride on mower

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    hi. i have a countax ride on mower. i accidently got off it without turning the engine off, so it cuts out automatically (like it should do), but now it wont start, there's absolutly no engine noise wen i turn the key in the ignition. i was wondering wot people think might have happnd n how i culd fix it? thanks
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    When you say "absolutely no engine noise" does that include the engine not even cranking? If it's not cranking, there must have been some sort of cut out done to the starter solenoid. I would think the safety would just kill the fuel flow to the engine, but perhaps more items get cut out.

    Are you sure there's no kind of reset or something along those lines that you need to look at?
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    They usually disable the ignition. Are you sure you don't have the switch thrown that puts the blades in gear? Having this switch on will not allow the starter to turn.
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    yeah its either that or the kill switch is faulty , the one under the seat..
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    its probably carberated so it kills the ignition instead... Like they said the switch under the seat is most likely faulty.
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