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Homework Help: Problem with shear force

  1. Mar 19, 2010 #1
    There is a question on my home work that I just dont understand how they got the answer they did.

    The first question is:
    In a prismatic bar, the load applied on both ends is 37 N causing the member to be in tension. If the cross section area of the member is 5.7 cm2 and the allowable stress is 100 kPa. What is the factor of safety for the system?

    I got .1.298 kpa, the answer is supposed to be 1.541 kpa, how does (37N/.057)/100 kpa= 1.541 Kpa, what am I missing here?
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    5.7 cm^2 = 0.00057 m^2. And then you incorrectly have written that F.S. = actual stress/allowable stress...what should that equation be??. And what are the units of the safety factor?
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