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Problem with siphon

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    question -- When I go on vacation I set up a watering system for my plants.
    I set up a siphon by placing one end of a 30 foot hose in my toilet tank and
    the other in a bucket with a submersible pump and timer. It works very well
    BUT every day the level in the bucket is reduced slightly. After a week the
    bucket is only half full.
    The syphon is obviously working but not completely. The only thing I can
    theorize is that there is a pinhole in the hose that allows some air to
    enter. Or maybe dissolved air accumulates in the hose between cycles
    .HOWEVER, how can the syphon work at all then?
    Note: the hose exits the tank and then runs along the floor and then up and
    over and into the bucket.
    Thanks for your help
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    Did you check the timer? Maybe the water is leaving the bucket faster than it is coming in.
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    That is not a problem. The timer is only on for a few minutes and then the bucket(never empty) re-fills from the siphon action - only a little less each day
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