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Problem with super() in java, need help asap!

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    So, I'm new with the JAVA, and im trying to import the properties of one file, into another. it looks like this-

    the executible file will connect to a subclass file (called subclass1), but subclass1 is a subclass to another class file (parentclass)

    the parent class will give details, and i want the subclass to override some of them, making ths subclass unique.

    im in the 11th hour, id love if someone could for sure give me the answer and not tips since i really cant afford the time!
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    Filip Larsen

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    Even if someone wanted to give you answers rather than just hints I'd say it must involve a great deal of luck if the answers are to useful for you because as far as I can see there are no specific questions to match the answers to.

    However, I'm pretty sure that if you cite concrete code you have made and ask specific questions as to why it this or that doesn't work as you expect, you will get answers. And don't be afraid to ask questions early rather than wait until 11th hour where everything has to be rushed.
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    thats ok, i figured it out in the nick of time. silly problem with housekeeping turns out ;p
    im going to keep those items in mind though.
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