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Problem with this renormalize quantum theory

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    I have a problem with this quantum theory, that is going to make me crazy!!!:
    Why we are allowed to renormalize every function after we find the solution.
    I mean, how we are sure that we have found all the solution exists.
    Thanks in advance.
    Somy :smile:
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    Are you talking about renormalizing or normalizing ?

    You can normalize a wavefunction, and renormalize a field theory.
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    Wavefunctions need to normalized in order to obey tha basic laws of QM. One of these laws is that if you square a wavefunction, you get a probabilty(eg : for finding a particle described by the wavefunction in some region). The maximal value of a probability is 1...

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    As Gokul pointed out it's "normalize".It's the first principle of QM.It says why we mmust normalize the solutions.

    In general,the condition of normalization fixes the physically acceptable solutions out of the infinite number of solutions the Schrodinger equation can have...

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