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Homework Help: Problem with titration problem Please HELP

  1. Nov 1, 2005 #1
    Problem with titration problem Please HELP!!!


    In our AS level chemistry coursework we have performed the following experiment.

    We took 2.00g of MHCO3 where M stands for a group 1 metal.
    We put it in 250ml volumetric flask and we produced our standard solution.

    Then in a conical flask we put 25ml of MHCO3 and 4 drops of methyl orange indicator.
    Using aqueous sulphuric acid of concentration 0.050 mol/dm3 we performed three titrations.
    My mean titre value came out to be 25.225ml

    Here are the questions I have to solve.

    a) Calculate the amount (number of moles) of sulphuric acid in the mean titre.
    b) Calculate the amount (number of moles) of MHCO3 in 25ml of solution X where X stands for the standard solution in the volumetric flask.
    c) Calculate the concentration of MHCO3 in solution X in mol/dm3. Use this value to calculate the relative molecular mass of MHCO3 and then identify M.

    Please help me and try to solve this for me as soon as possible. :cry: :cry: :cry: For any question put a reply on this forum or send me and e-mail to philip@philippos.net

    Thanks:smile: :smile:
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