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Problem with tuition fees

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    I am an international undergraduate student at Imperial College London and I have two years of my physics course. I have one year left before I finish my bachelors course. But due to an unforeseen problem, my parents can't fund my studies any longer. I have no other imaginable source to pay my tuition fees for the upcoming year. I am not sure what I should do. Please understand that this is a really serious issue, so I'd be glad if you guys could offer some advice.
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    Many of us having been 'starving students', we can sympathize with your predicament. However, since comparatively few of us have gone through the British system, or Imperial College, you should really, really get in touch with Financial Support, as they can give you definitive answers and avenues for funding (more so than posters on a forum, great as it is). Or at the very least, how to get some employment on the side (if you don't already have it).

    Looking at your post history, your second-most recent post was regarding a trip home--I'd consider whether or not that's possible in light of this new development, and your overall financial picture (assuming you can cancel, and assuming you haven't already gone).

    Good luck.
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    I went through college with no financial support. I didn't go to school full time. I worked, and took one or two classes a quarter, if I could afford to. It took a long time (9.5 years) but eventually I graduated with a BS in physics. It can be done but it's difficult.

    Have you considered asking other relatives for financial support?
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    If whatever other people suggested and you can think of doesn't work.. you can always take a year off and get some kind of higher than min. wage kind of job while living with your parents.. sorry if that sounds sucky.. but if it comes to that..
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    I would say look into financial aid programs for international students. There has to be something out there in the way of loans/aid.
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