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Homework Help: Problem with Vector Field

  1. Jun 19, 2014 #1
    Hello guys !!

    i have this problems while solving problems on vector calculus ..


    i solved (a) , (b)
    as i put P(2,4,3) in the formula of S and i solved it and i solved (b) as a(S)= S/lSl

    but in (c) i don't how what should i do to solve it ..please help me guys ..Thank you
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    As you have solved b you must have already computed |S|. From having that expression you should be able to progress.
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    Where the magnitude of S is 1, what does that look like mathematically in terms of x y and z? In other words, you have a locus of points, and all of these points, when you calculate the magnitude of S there, it's equal to 1. What does this look like mathematically?
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