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Problem with Windows

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    I accidentily deleted the icon which opens the search folder so I can view files. Can someone tell me how to find the program (i.e. location in system files) so I can restore it? Thanks.

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    The easy way... if you do not get a response from anyone who knows where the file is... create a new user account... move your files over to it... done.

    Be careful about moving your entire "Desktop and Settings" folder over because you will end up copying over the problem. so... Internet settings, and your documents, favorites, etc can get copied over... just be carful about the desktop settings.
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    Did you empty your Recycle bin? If not, your icon's still there.
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    Start with DaveC426913's advice first. Right click on "Recycle Bin", select explore, click on the folder (shortcut) and select restore.

    If you "emptied recycle bin", then the file you are looking for is the "My Documents" folder under "Documents and Settings". The icon on the desktop is just a short cut which can be restored.

    One can 'right click' on a folder and drag it to the desktop, and select "create/make a 'shortcut'".

    I actually prefer keeping all documents on a second HD, and using the primary HD for OS/Apps only. This way, if the primary HD crashes, I still have the second one with all the data/text files.

    I also back up the data files on another PC or external HD. I have seen too many corrupted/crashed HD's.
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