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Problem with wound rotor

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    I have problem with an old asynchronous motor with wound rotor it is VEB MEZ VSTEIN.I am intending to run the motor via frequency inverter by connecting it to the stator windings. I need to short circuit the rotor, but there are 6 poles coming out (a,b,c and a0,b0,c0) from the wound rotor collector and I don’t know which one to connect to which. Can you help me with advice?
    Thank you
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    It is quite huge motor it is in a testing facility. I t is rotating a big fan in a tunnel and its purpose is to simulate a wind with a particular speed.But the guys want to get rid of this old scheme connection and want to control it via frequency converter. Actually i did this but with a normal asynchronous motor with wound rotor with only 3 poles on the rotor which i had to get short circuit them to each other, but this monster has 6 poles as you can see on the scheme (maybe 3 for the beginning and 3 for the end of the rotor winds).
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