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Homework Help: Problems dealing with air resistance?

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    Does anyone know how to solve for problems dealing with air resistance?

    For example:

    "The helicopter in the drawing is moving horizontally to the right at a constant velocity. The weight of the helicopter is W = 59500 N. The lift force L generated by the rotating blade makes an angle of 21.0° with respect to the vertical.

    1) What is the magnitude of the lift force?

    2) Determine the magnitude of the air resistance R that opposes the motion."
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    try the homework section
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    And show what you have already tried on this problem.

    We won't do your homework for you- you're not paying us enough!
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    Ha ha...I didn't ask you to do it for me, just to give me an idea on how to do it. I got it now though, so thanks anyway.
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