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Problems in gravity

  1. Jan 29, 2015 #1
    Can anyone tell me some of the problems or limitations regarding our current understanding of gravity? Such as in quantum gravity and how and why is it unresolved (briefly please as I just started)? I will like to have these to think about in my national services.

    Besides what is the average age at which people finish learning theoretical physics? Not necessary master it.
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    Our current understanding of gravity is limited in that we don't really know how it behaves on the very small scale of elementary particles.

    Gravity is extremely weak relative to the other forces, so our understanding of elementary particles really only considers everything but gravity.

    Also, mathematically trying to combine quantum theory with gravity has yielded nonsensical results so far. It may be a long time before we find a theory that can describe both gravity and the other forces in the same framework.

    I don't know the statistics of how long it takes to finish learning theoretical physics. However, if you mean learn it well enough to start working on it on your own, then we might take how long it takes to get a Ph.D. in theoretical physics as a good indicator. If you get your Ph.D. by age 30, you're doing reasonably well for yourself, but it all depends on when you start.
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