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Problems lately with downloading

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    Hey there, I have quick question for anybody willing to help me out.

    I have been having some problems lately with downloading ont omy PC. now, when I built it I set up two partitions, one for XP, the other for everything else. The problem is, that my Windows Partition is getting full...drivers, and all that other stuff. I wouldn't think that was a problem because I usually save everything to my other paririon anyway, but now that the drive space is depleting, I am finding that I am unable to download large files. Iwatched while i was trying to download a fiel and even though I told it the darget was in the other partition, it still took away space form the primary drive first...(temporay files?)
    My question is, how do Ikeep it from using that space eve nwhile downloading? Is there a way to direct temporary files into another drive?
    Any way would be helpful. I think maybe I just did not leave enough room on that drive. 4 gigs seemed like enoguh. Can I move the drivers etc, without wrecking their functionality?

    I am way out of my league with this one, so please, if you know better, help.

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    Tools->Internet Options->General Tab->Temporary Internet files/Settings-> Move Folder
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    Thank you so much. Gets me feeling kind of dumb. never was too up with the software. anyway, thanks a lot.
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