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Homework Help: Problems on curved mtion

  1. Nov 14, 2004 #1
    A frictionless roller coaster of mas m starts at point A with speed v0. Assume that the roller coaster can be considered as a point particle and that it always remains on the track.

    a.) what will be the speed of the roller coaster at point B and C?

    P.S.: A and B are both ( h ) unit from the ground, and C is h/2 from the ground, and D is on the ground...B is xy unit from A, and C is xy unit from B too...and yz unit is D from C

    Can someone please help me with me? Thank you~
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    Mechanical energy is conserved.
    What does that mean?
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    oh, yes..I get it now...Thank you Arildno...^-^
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    For part c of this question: suppose v0 = 0, how long will it take the roller coaster to reach point B?

    I have no idea how to answer it...>_< Please help.
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