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Problems on engineering mechanics

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    these are a few problems from a book called meriam in which i(and some of my classmates) had got a bit stuck. some help will be welcome.

    1) in a handling test, a car is driven through the slalom course shown. It is assumed that the car path is sinusoidal and that the maximum central acceleration is .7g. if the testers wish to design a slalom through which the maximum speed is 80 kph, what cone spacing L should be used? (L=46.1m)

    2)a particle starts from rest at origin and moves along the positive brunch of the curve y=2*x^(2/3) so that the distance s from the origin along the curve varies with time according to s=2*t3; x,y,s are in inches, t in seconds . find the magnitude of total acceleration of the particle at t=1s?(ans:a=12.17 inch/s2)

    3)A particle p moves along a path given by r=f(q) which is symmetrical about about the line q=0 where the radius of curvature of the path is r, the velocity of P is v. derive an expression for r’’ in terms of v,r, r, for the motion of the particle at this point. Ans: r’’= -v2(1/r- 1/r)

    4) the particle p moves down the spiral path shown which is wrapped around the surface of a right circular cone of the base radius b and altitude h. the angle g between the tangent to the curve at any point is constant. Also, the motion of the particle is controlled so that q’ is constant. Determine the expression for the radial acceleration a(r) of the particle for any value of q. Ans: b*(q’)2 [(tan)2 g (sin)2b - 1]* exp[-q *tan g * sinb] where b= (tan)-1[b/n]

    5) two iron spheres each of diameter 100mm are released from rest with a center to center distance of 1m . assume an environment in space with no forces except mutual gravitational attraction and calculate the time t required for the spheres to come in contact with each other and the absolute speed v of each sphere at the time of contact. Ans: t= 13 hours 33 minutes;
    v= 4.76* 10-5 m/seconds.

    question-how am i supposed to send the figures accompanying them? i have drawn them in word documents in my P.C. but can't get them pasted.
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