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Problems using PF site

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    This is almost certainly the wrong place to be posting this but I couldn't find a button for talking to the Site Manager. Has anyone else found this problem on PF?
    I am using an imac with OS 10.7.5 and I use either Firefox of Safari (latest). This problem seems to occur pretty much exclusively when using PF. When moving to another page or posting (it will happen this time, I can be sure), the browser hangs for a minute sometimes, with the spinning pizza. The Activity Monitor shows the browser is 'not responding' and the cpu usage of the browser is shown as 100%. After a longggggg time, I'm back in business. I use Virgin Media and get a pretty consistent 9+Mb/s down and 1mb up, with very quick ping on the tests I've run.

    I have been trawling through the various Apple support and discussion groups and I can't find the same problem mentioned. As this seems only to be a serious problem when using PF, I thought it would be worth while asking whether I am alone. This has only been happening within the last few weeks. My elderly mac mini, although deadly slow, doesn't do this. They are both 'wired' to the router, btw, so it's not a wireless problem, I guess.
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    Thanks for replying.
    After a flurry of activity, I think I have found the culprit. I had Trusteer Rapport (Bank Security) running and, having uninstalled it, I don't get the problem any more. Interestingly, when I tried to re-instal it, it wouldn't go. The Trusteer site doesn't actually supply a version for Os Lion, which I have had for several months, aamof, but which was happy to be installed in the presence of the 'incompatible' version of Rapport without spotting it. Furthermore, the problem has only shown itself recently.
    It's amazing that all these various bits and bobs manage to coexist at all. No wonder I get update packages from Apple most weeks.

    This may just help others who have been blaming LaTex. You never know.
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