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Problems w/ Computer

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    [SOLVED] Problems w/ Computer

    hey ppl, im havin problems with my old computer i had a nvidia 64mb gforce 4 grapchics card installed and a while before that i had a cd burner put in, after a while the computer started crashing on a regular bases like 4 times a day, then a few days later it started deleting files from the harddrive and 1 day later it had erasef the operating system which was windows98, then to top it off after that the computer would not even turn on, we got the thing fixed and now it runs, but when i try to load the driver for the graphics card a blue screen comes up and says there has been an error with alot of numbers... then it says press any key to contiue and then the computer freeze's, ive tried other cd's and i get the same thing, ive also tried to get the driver off the net, but now i cant get the net to work on the comp, i plug the phone cord into the router and into the comp, but i get a cannot find server, even though the net is workin cause i got it right next to me on my other comp... i had to buy a new computer cause of this and i would just like to have the other one workin for whatever, the computer is a compaq persario idk why the cd rom drive wont load anything and why my internet on this damn thing wont work if someone could help me out id appreciate it thxs...
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    A couple of things I would do-

    - If you have a spare video card around, try putting that in and see if you have the same issues. If you don't you could have a bad video card.

    - I've also seen similar problems with ram issues. I've used DocMemory to diagnose a problem with incompatible memory on an HP machine. It boots into the floppy so avoids OS problems. There are others around. Some companies seem to design their bioses so that they only take 'recommended' memory modules.

    - When it's running 'ok' try some sort of harddrive test application. It's possible that if your HD is stuffed that it's screwing with your virtual memory.

    - If it's crashing when you are accessing the cd, try getting a lens cleaner. I have some badly produced disks that cause exactly the symptoms you are talking about, hanging and blue screening, when the disk can't be accessed. Try the disk on someone elses pc and see if it locks. If it doesn't you could try copying the drivers to another disk or if your net connection works, try downloading it and installing. I've gotten around the situation by installing a DVD rom which, I think due to the abilities of the DVD laser, is able to read these bad disks.

    - The deleting files thing is a worry. I haven't investigated the symptoms or much at all really, but perhaps you have some sort of MBR virus that has corrupted the Master Boot Record on the HD. Maybe do a search for 'MBR virus' and see if you recognise any symptoms.

    - Also search the Compaq site for known issues or incompatabilities. You might also have a special driver disk specific to compaq that is designed for the presario in particular. You could run into problems if you don't use it. I know that the person with the memory problem had some issues with not using the original HP disk.

    - Other problem might be associated with the motherboard, you could be screwed.

    - Internet, are the lights flashing on the lan connection on the back of the PC when you connect the cable?? Do you have the software loaded (TCP/IP etc.). Was everything detected during Windows installation???

    - 'Jiggle the cables', the troubleshooter mantra. Make sure all cables are seated properly internally. Make sure your IDE cables aren't damaged. Swap your cards into other PCI slots if you use PCI.

    Hope this helps.

    Raavin :)
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    Virus scan?
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    Do not video cards cause many problems (hence safe-mode sans video driver)?
    I have one that causes me to lose files and crashes the computer when used with one motherboard, yet it works perfectly when I use it with different motherboard.
    I would suspect the video card and its driver/s before I would the CD driver.
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    You didn't tell us what kind of graphics card you replaced. Was it built into the motherboard? If it is onboard and you did not properly disable the old graphics settings, it could be conflicting with the new one and the conflict could cause all kinds of problems, some of which you described (I'm not sure about the deleting of files, but I guess if it is giving you the BSOD then files could be corrupted and appear deleted).
  7. Jul 22, 2003 #6
    It does sound more like a timing conflict. I run into it alot with the job that I do.

    But for sure the second thing would be a virus scan
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