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Problems when we lack vitamin C

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    can you tell me why when we lack vitamin C, our blood vessels get weak and become easily broken?thx in advance
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    i dont have a good background on biology so any help is highly appreciated.
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    I guess because it helps make the vessels "stronger", so if we donot enough vitamin C, we will get sick sooner. Thats the way I think it is, uhmmm hope someone will help you with more information anyway..-lol-
    I drink a lot of juices, eat lots of vegetables everyday.
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    Vitamin C is part of the process that makes collagen protein, and collagen is the building block of squamos epithelium - which makes up the blood vessels. Collagen fibers provide strenght and flexibility.

    Basically throughout our evolution we lost ability to produce Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and we need to intake a whole lot of vitamins. If you dont take them your blood vessels as well as your bones become weaker, and when you get cut or break your bones you wont heal fast, let alone heal at all.
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