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Problems with Apple Music

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    Is anyone else having problems with local storage on their iPhones after downloading Apple Music? I'm not even talking about the problems with my music files... which also is an issue. But my local storage has become so depleted that I can't even do basic app updates.
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    Perhaps you have used up your local storage with other things like pictures, apps, etc?
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    No, but thanks for trying. I think I figured it out. The Apple Music program appears to have doubled my music storage for any songs I already had in my local library, in that it also stored the "Apple Match" version of the song in addition to my original.
    Not sure why it didn't just replace the original song. But I'm glad it didn't, as that might caused a DMR problem for songs I'd ripped from CDs. Of course... I owned ALL of them.
    I fixed the problem by toggling off the Apple Music option, which erased all of those downloads. I can re-add the music as I want, but have to make sure it doesn't download existing music.
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