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Problems with energylevels

  1. Aug 24, 2006 #1
    I have a problem to solve.

    Table 1 shows the lowest rotational and vibrational levels of the HD+ ion and is based on experiments by Wing et al (phys rev 36, 1488 (1976)) and theoretical calculations by Bishop (Phys Rev Letters 37,484 (1976)). What numbers would it be if HD^+ is replayced with D^+_2? (deuterium)

    Table 1.
    N=0, L=1 <-> N=1, L=0: 1869cm^-1
    N=0, L=2 <-> N=1, L=1: 1824cm^-1
    N=0, L=0 <-> N=1, L=0: 1913cm^-1

    I would be really grateful if someone would show me the solution.
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    Do you have any ideas of your own? We do not post homework solutions here.
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