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Problems with Fourier

  1. Nov 30, 2009 #1
    hello everyone
    I need help with this
    when I introduce this commands I didn't get the right answer, and I don't know why, somebody can help me.
    For example

    clear all
    r = 'sin(5*t)';
    syms t w;
    f = eval(r)
    F = fourier(f);

    and the result is:

    f =


    %fourier transform which is wrong
    ans =

    -pi*i*(dirac(w - 5) - dirac(w + 5))

    %and the inverse fourier transform which is wrong too
    ans =

    i/(2*exp(5*i*t)) - (i*exp(5*i*t))/2

    where is the problem???, Why is wrong???
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