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Problems with LaTeX popups

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    The source doesn't pop up when I click on certain LaTeX images.

    I'm using Opera 7.54

    Here are some examples:


    On post #1, I cannot see the source of the second image. (BUt I see the others)

    On post #10, I can't see the first, fourth, fifth, or sixth image. (Out of 6)

    Here is my attempt at reproducing some of those I can't see in post #10:

    [itex]E = E' f_{\lambda}[/itex]
    [tex]( \mathbf{\nabla \cdot E'} f_{\lambda} ) + \frac{V}{\lambda^2} = \frac{\rho}{\epsilon_0}[/tex]

    Lo and behold, I cannot see the source of these.
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    Looking at the source code it seems like the single quote is the culprite. The javascript is interpreting it as the end of the argument. This should be a simple fix. Just print it out as \' whenever it comes up inside the tex code.
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    I'll take a look. Thanks. :smile:

    - Warren
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    If it matters, they don't work in Firefox 1.0 either.
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