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Problems with LaTeX

  1. Apr 8, 2007 #1
    Hi experts, I am having the following problems with LaTeX.

    Where can I quickly install these packages:


    I enable them but my images won't appear in the pdf.

    What's wrong? My image files are in .eps
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    matt grime

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    Those should all be in any modern (i.e. post 1996) distro. If you've really not got them, then you can always use ctan.org where all tex packages are kept.

    The hack is to use \sim in mathmode for the tilde, though you should just put the whole thing in a verbatim environment. There are also \textunderscore commands too. And I forget the proper command for ~ in text mode. Try googling for how to insert html links into latex.
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    Also, for pdflatex, images must be in pdf or png, no eps.
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